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There are at least 69 types of Field and Stream Birds to include Bluebirds, Cowbirds, Crows, Doves, Flickers, orioles, Roadrunners and Swallows.

Field and Stream Birds is a general term that describes types of birds that are usually found and associated with this type of environment, although this might not be the case every time. All the different types of birds in North America and elsewhere adapt to certain kinds of habitat that best suit their behavior for finding food and protection.

There are many species of birds that live along the edge of fields and forests. These birds may seek their food in the fields and nest in the forests or vice versa. It is not always so easy to separate one from the other. As an example, there are woodpeckers found pecking to their hearts delight in one lonely tree in the middle of an open field or following a few sparse trees along a stream. These same species of birds can also be found deep in the forests. It all comes down to where they best find their food.

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